Why are smart people tricked by fraudsters? Scam schemes are all quite similar; however, people are getting tricked time and time again. Scammers use three qualities of the human mind. What are they?

Things You Didn't Know About Scammers: Thrill

Thrill is the first one. Adding “what if?” to an irrational belief in miracles inspires way more than statistics and cold-blooded premeditation. There is passion in people’s eyes, their hand is reaching for their wallet, and their imagination is adding zeroes to their bank account balance. Thus, zero is what people usually end up with.

Things You Didn't Know About Scammers: You Are Special

Number two is the belief that you are special. It is way better to think that you are the chosen one rather than feel that you are just like everyone else. This cold-minded approach is not pampering your self-confidence but might save your money.

Things You Didn't Know About Scammers: Hope

The biggest one is hope. It is so great to fix all your problems at once! Still dreaming of moving out of your parents’ house, sending your child to private school, or buying a fancy car, but have no money? It is easier to wait for millions falling from the sky rather than beginning working towards that first million. Who has a better chance to end up in a mousetrap: a hungry mouse that lives on credit or a satisfied and picky earner? That’s why hard work and understanding the value of money is the best vaccine against scams. Start making your own fortune!

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Published on
30 December 2017