If currency trading with Euro, British Pounds and the Yen seems boring or has stopped being profitable, try bitcoins. Since we cannot buy cryptocurrency at Walmart, where do we start?

You can purchase bitcoins through online digital currency exchanges. Here are two of the most popular ones.
CEX.IO is a British money exchange service registered with FinCEN (USA). It accepts payments through credit cards and bank wires. You can register for CEX.IO using Facebook.
Coinbase is a California-based digital exchange company which operates under a license from the New York State Department of Financial Services. In addition to bank transfers or wires, this system also accepts PayPal.
Flat currency can be exchanged to bitcoins through localbitcoins.com. This service accepts most currencies and payment types, from WebMoney to Western Union transfers.
To store bitcoins, you need a cryptowallet. Two of the most popular cryptowallets include TREZOR and KeepKey, and both support different types of cryptocurrency.
However if you are looking for profits and don’t need to keep the bitcoins themselves, you can use a tradable instrument called Contract for Difference which mirrors the movements of the asset underlying it. This is a more efficient way to make a profit compared to actually purchasing cryptocurrency. 
You can do this at an online exchange platform such as Libertex, which allows you to close a transaction in two clicks and provides an easy-to-use interface in eight languages.
Follow the exchange rate, buy low, sell high and find success!

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Published on
23 August 2017