Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, it can still be hard (and expensive) to easily buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency. There is not much competition to the leading exchanges for this task which is why FinTech platform YouHodler decided to fill that void. With a user-friendly interface, low commission and three different ways to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with fiat currency, YouHodler is quickly becoming the trader’s favorite. 

More options; lower fees for traders to buy BTC on YouHodler

For traders, time and convenience are important qualities. That’s why YouHodler aims to bring both speed and efficiency to the crypto buying process on the platform. If traders want to buy BTC with fiat, for example, they can do so with a verified debit card, credit card, via bank wire or via stable coins All bank card transactions are processed instantly meaning there is no waiting time to buy BTC like on some exchanges. However, due to inefficiencies on the bank’s side, bank wire transfers can take up to 24 hours but YouHodler charges a 0% on all bank wire transactions. 

How to buy Bitcoin on YouHodler with USD or EUR

To buy crypto with fiat on YouHodler is a simple process that takes just two steps. After signing up, passing KYC and verifying a bank card, a user must complete the following:


Step 1: Deposit fiat (USD or EUR) - To begin, the user must log in, and navigate to the “Wallet’s” tab. There, the user will choose their desired fiat currency to deposit (USD or EUR). After clicking “deposit” the user must follow the instructions to deposit fiat currency via debit/credit card or via bank wire. Card deposits are instant while bank wire deposits can take up to 24 hours. 


Step 2: Buy BTC - Once the user sees their fiat balance in the wallet, they can then convert that to BTC, or any other crypto or stablecoin on YouHodler’s platform. To convert USD or EUR to BTC, YouHodler charges a 4% commission. On other popular exchanges (e.g. Binance, Coinmama or Bitpanda) where you can buy BTC with fiat, users will pay anywhere from 3.5% - 6% on this same transaction


Now that you have BTC, you can do one of many things on the platform. You can convert that BTC, to USDT and deposit it into YouHodler’s USDT savings account to earn 12% interest per year or you can use that BTC as collateral for an instant fiat loan to buy even more crypto and multiply your assets. Alternatively, users can convert BTC to any other crypto on the platform if they so choose. 


YouHodler would also like to note user’s can also buy BTC with USDT or any available cryptocurrency options on the platform for reduced fees. The minimum amount on all fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat conversions is 100 USD, 100 EUR or 100 USDT. See the full list of commissions and limits here. 

So if you’re a trader looking for an easier and cheaper way to buy Bitcoin, visit today and give us a try. Your feedback is always welcome so let us hear your thoughts at [email protected], Telegram, or Twitter.