Everybody has already heard about the electronic cryptocurrency Bitcoin. We have gathered 30 amazing and little-known facts about the currency that has shocked the world. Save this so you won’t forget:

1. Who Invented Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto is supposedly the name of the person who founded Bitcoin. But nobody knows who he really is. Bitcoin was created in 2008. Who Invented Bitcoin

2. How Many Bitcoins Get Created Per Day

Every day, about 3,600 new Bitcoins get created during a process called mining.

3. What Was The First Bitcoin Transaction?

The first BTC transaction took place on January 21, 2009. Satoshi had wired 100 BTC to another cyberpunk and cryptographer named Hal Finney.

4. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Many attempts have been made to discover who Satoshi Nakamoto really is, but these were unsuccessful. The most recent attempt created a lot of hype, but it was not successful, either.

5. Who Mined the First Bitcoin?

The first million Bitcoins were mined personally by Satoshi, and most likely still belong to him. People still try to discover Satoshi’s electronic wallet to find him, but Satoshi stays unfazed – and undetected.

6. When Will The Last Bitcoin be Mined?

The last Bitcoin will be mined in 2140.

7. What is the Maximum Number of Bitcoins that Can Be Mined?

21 million is the maximum number of Bitcoins that can be mined at all. As of today, about 12 million are already mined. The mining algorithm decreases the number of Bitcoins twofold every several years, so the process is lopsided.

8. What is a Physical Equivalent of BTC?

Attempts were made to create a physical equivalent of Bitcoin, as a coin. Casascius is, in reality, a so-called cold wallet with a holography of the access key printed on it, minted in the shape of a real coin. Casascius coins are usually displayed on every cool-looking photo of the Bitcoin coins.

9. The Island of Alderney

The small island of Alderney has also declared a plan to mint a physical Bitcoin equivalent.

10. The Stats

10.  Only 36% of all mined Bitcoins have been part of a transaction; the other 64% have never been touched after the first appearance.

11. The Mystery Of Blockchain

Unlike cold hard cash, all the records of BTC transactions are forever kept in the blockchain, a globally distributed and absolutely open database, which has information about all the Bitcoin wallets in the world. What is Blockchain

12. What Language is BTC written in?

The current version of Bitcoin has 77,000 code lines, 70,000 of which are written in C++. In the beginning, the project had only 14,000 C++ code lines, which is a very small project by current measures. For example, the Linux core code has 15 million lines.

13. BTC Rules

A Bloomberg journalist, who was not familiar with the rules of Bitcoin security, showed a private key (in a QR code format) of his BTC wallet during a live broadcast. He paid a price – his coins were stolen by one of the viewers; however, later, according to rumors, the money was returned to the journalist.

14. It's Easy to Lose BTC

Great Britain's James Howells accidentally threw away a hard drive with a key to his electronic wallet, which contained 7,500 Bitcoins. It is about $5 million at the current price.

15. WikiLeaks and Bitcoin

When the WikiLeaks website was cut off from bank card donations at the demands of angry countries, the site immediately began to receive BTC.

16. BTC Surprizes

A Norwegian student, Kristoffer Koch, had bought $27 worth of Bitcoins in 2009, and forgot about them. When he remembered about his investment, it was worth $886,000.

17. First ATM for BTC

The first Bitcoin ATM machine has been installed in Vancouver, Canada.

18. Pay Tuition with BTC

The first university to accept tuition in Bitcoins was Cyprus University. The King’s College in New York City became the first such school in the U.S.

19. Thailand Hated Cryptocurrency

Thailand became the first country in the world to forbid BTC. But it allowed it back again soon after the ban.

20. BTC Lost Its Value in 2013

The biggest drop in Bitcoin prices happened in April 2013 – it dropped 80% in 24 hours.

21. Patriotism - No BTC

After the news about inflation, the popularity of Bitcoin in Argentina skyrocketed. Cryptocurrency doesn’t suffer from the volatility of national currency, so it appeals to people looking to protect their money. But some see it as a threat to the state economy. For example, the Kazakhstan government asked their people to be patriotic and not to invest in Bitcoins.

22. Better Than Gold

In November 2013, the price of Bitcoins exceeded the price for gold. Bitcoin is Better Than Gold

23. BTC for Select Ones

927 people own more than 50% of all Bitcoins.

24. Lamborghini for BTC

Lamborghini became the first company in the world where dealers began to accept Bitcoins.

25. Sell a Plane for BTC

Skycraft Airplanes became the first company selling planes for Bitcoin.

26. Pizza for $5M

Pizza purchased in 2010 using BTC would cost about $5 million in 2017. Bitcoin Pizza for $5M

27. Mel B Sings for BTC

Mel B, a former member of the Spice Girls band, is the first star to accept Bitcoins for her performances.

28. Western Union

More than $200 million goes through Bitcoin transactions daily. BTC’s currency circulation has exceeded that of Western Union’s. At a capitalization of $8 billion, Bitcoin is currently a little bit less than the GDP of Estonia.

29. Cryptocurrency

There are more than 150 other types of cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. Anyone can create their own cryptocurrency.

30. Play Counter-Strike to Earn BTC

One can earn Bitcoin just by playing Counter-Strike. The largest prize pool in the history of the StarCraft II online game has also been in BTC. Where can you earn Bitcoin? What can you do with the cryptocurrency? Watch our video.