It's named after a genius, but does it take a genius to buy EMC2? Find out how to invest in Einsteinium here.

Time to get some Einsteinium!

So, you’re feeling generous and you want to contribute to the world of science through the cryptocurrency EMC2. The trouble is that to truly get behind it, you will have to get your mining hat on as this is where the founders generate revenue for science. Einsteinium taxes all EMC2 that you can mine to create a pot and then distributes the token to scientific causes. You can buy EMC2 and the token does hold some value, although nothing earth-shattering.

How to buy Einsteinium?

First, you will need a wallet that supports the Einsteinium token. You can obtain one of these by following the instructions on the Einsteinium foundation website. Bear in mind that the setup of the foundation is to encourage mining, so everything is focused on mining, as that is where the founders take their tax. Then comes the buying, which you can ordinarily do through exchanges, using Bitcoin or other crypto or even using PayPal. Once you have your EMC2, be cautious to watch the prices. As you will see in the next section, things are very twitchy at the moment.

Be careful; the currency is volatile at the moment

Einsteinium has literally just been through a chain fork. The value of the currency rose prior to the fork but has really tailed off now. The fork has caused spikes in buying and selling, which is great if you buy at the right time (lucky time), but really bad if you catch it on a downturn. Some of these spikes have been significant, and some investors have literally lost huge pots of money on the currency lately. Until there is a clearer sense of how the token will perform, it is a pure gamble at the moment.

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