Top 3 Cryptocurrencies That Can Destroy Bitcoin and Ethereum
Who and How Will Steal Your Time and Money

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies That Can Destroy Bitcoin and Ethereum

We have compiled a handy list of cryptocurrencies that are taking the virtual currency world by storm. One day, any one of these can be much bigger than the leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.


You may know of this crypto already, it was previously “Notary Chain”. The exciting thing about Factom is that its creators are very clever and working hard to place it into strong overseas markets. They are using its own new blockchain as well as working with other blockchains from cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) to add layers of protection. Currently, the price of Factom is around $10. However, with growth in key financial markets, we are expecting this to explode very shortly.

And you thought that Ethereum grew quickly...


This crypto might be one that you have heard of already, like Bitcoin, as it has been around for at least a decade. Security and protection are the keys for Maidsafe. Instead of storing data on your own computer, you can encrypt it and load it onto a decentralized server. This secures all of the data in a way that only you can access it. With it being stored elsewhere, it doesn’t take up space.

Maidsafe does not yet have a full exchange process (nor one that is very clearly planned out), so its value is currently sitting at around 10 cents a coin. Given that there is such a big possibility for the currency and very little in the way of initial outlay, investors are currently purchasing low and stockpiling in wait of big gains. If it does take off, it is going to beat Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other cryptocurrencies, hands down.

Ripple - The Best of the Cryptocurrencies?

Ripple is possibly the most exciting of the cryptocurrencies available today. Yes - even more exciting than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Backed and funded by real-life banking institutions, this cryptocurrency is their answer to creating a virtual currency. Ripple is very much in an experimental phase, as financial institutions like to hedge risk. With Ripple, they are trying to create a non-volatile cryptocurrency. If pulled off, it can have staggering effects on the cryptocurrency world. Finally, a virtual currency will have the stability and control that a hard currency might have. When bearing this in mind, it is not at all hard to see why it can blow Bitcoin, Ethereum, and every other cryptocurrency out of the water. Unlike Ethereum, this is a slow burner investor. Why not get in while the price is low, at around 8 cents a coin? If the banks pull it off, then this currency will jump in value overnight.

We are watching all cryptocurrencies with baited breath, especially Ripple.