In the computer hardware arena, Razer is arguably the leading supplier globally for gamers of all kinds. They are “For Gamers. By Gamers” and design high-quality mice, keyboards, laptops, and software.

But what is it about their products that we love so much?

Why Do Gamers Love Razer: Mice

Sharp symmetrical designs and industry-leading technology make Razer mice the most precise on the market. They have a range of wireless and wired mice built with impressive features.

Gamers love these mice because of their precision. There’s no lag with a Razer mouse. It’s a seamless experience, as data moves between your mouse and your game. Even with their wireless mice, the built-in adaptive frequency technology ensures that you have a continuous connection that never suffers from interference.

Why Do Gamers Love Razer: Keyboards

Gamers are loving Razer keyboards and the way they feel when using them. There’s nothing worse than being distracted by poorly-operating hardware when you’re trying to game.

Let’s be honest. The Razer keyboards are sexy.

They have a range of different keyboards, so there’s likely to be a model for everyone. Made for eSports, these keyboards are loved because of their quick speeds, sleek looks, and portable features.

With some models (like the Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma keyboard) you can actually program the backlights of every single key to be a different color. That’s pretty cool.

Why Do Gamers Love Razer: Laptops and Software

Thin and perfect for traveling, their laptops are a popular choice amongst gamers who want to game on-the-go without settling for a low-quality gaming experience.

With the power of a desktop computer topped with the appearance of a laptop, they are perfect for those gamers that rely on impressive graphics and immersive gameplay without any jitters.

Last but not least, there is the software. Some gamers aren't keen on it, while others swear by it. You can always download their Cortex game launcher for free (if you want to see what all the fuss is about).

Overall, gamers love Razer not just because their products look good, but because they’re - by gamers and they provide you with a high-quality gaming experience.