While most of us use Groupon for awesome savings on our favorite consumable goods, it's actually a great way for small businesses to connect with their target audience. With over 53 million (and counting) people using this service, getting their attention is the boost your small business needs to reach that next level. Next, you're probably thinking this sounds too good to be true and it's one big secret. Fortunately for you, we'll show you a unique way to attract and keep new customers using this service


Perhaps Groupon's greatest ability is that it puts a giant spotlight on your business. Suddenly, you have a massive local audience that you would never reach otherwise. It all starts by attracting these customers into your shop with an offer they can't refuse. Do some research on similar companies and offer a reasonable coupon. Now that you've gotten your potential customers attention, you have to make them loyal. Of course, this all starts by simply providing a good product/experience. After that, make sure they follow you on social media and grab an email address if you can.


Another great feature of Groupon is the reviews feature. When people purchase a coupon, they then are asked to review your business. As you'd imagine, more positive reviews lead to more business. Also, a good review could show up in Google search results. Hence, delivering that much more traffic to your business from outside sources.


Are you struggling to advertise your new business? It's a common problem. By using this service though, you create all sorts of buzz around your new service. The unique deal you create reaches thousands of locals in your area. However, take caution. If you're a new business, make sure you can afford the big discounts needed to advertise on the site.