NFTs are the biggest thing in crypto markets now. With no regard for "expert" analysts who have been calling the top for months, the NFT space has been booming in significant proportions. In a recent tweet, Visa reportedly acquired their first Crypto Punk, and we have seen several celebrities cashing in millions on the collectibles rave. 

Although you may not make millions from selling NFTs, the good news is you can also tokenize your work and earn some money too. This short piece will guide you on your journey to creating and selling your first NFT.

First, What are NFTs? 

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital tokens that represent physical or virtual assets on the blockchain. They are, by nature, non-interchangeable, and their values are purely subjective. NFTs provide proof of ownership, verifiable on the blockchain. They can literally represent anything— artwork, photos, screenshots, memes, real-world assets, event tickets, or tweets. Jack, Twitter founder, and CEO, reportedly tokenized and sold his first tweet earlier this year. 

What Do You Need to Create Your NFT?

Creating NFTs is a surprisingly simple process. You do not need a technical understanding of how blockchain works to get started. You need only choose the platform to stick with and start creating. NFT platforms are built on blockchain networks, and there are two prominent ones: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Ethereum-based networks are the largest and most traded on. OpenSea, for example, records more than $80 million daily transaction volumes. Others include Raible, Sorare, NBA Topshot, etc. To create NFTs on these platforms, you will need an Ethereum wallet with some ETH to pay transaction fees. The easiest way people do this is through Metamask or Trust Wallet. You can easily link your OpenSea account with either of these Web-3 compatible wallets and start creating. 

Binance Smart Chain is known for cheap gas fees. Transaction fees for creating NFTs here can be as low as $1. AirNFTs, the leading NFT platform on BSC, allows you to create artwork NFTs for less than $1. The same cannot be said about Ethereum networks-- it could be as high as 1ETH, depending on the type of NFT you are creating. AirNFTs is the leading NFT platform in BSC. 

Creating NFTs: What You Need to Know

There are two things to keep in mind before creating NFTs. 

  1. Originality: To profit off of your NFT, you must ensure your work is unique. You most likely won't make any fortune from tokenizing artworks you copied off a random webpage.

  2. Community: Create your NFTs with platforms that have active NFT artist communities. This will increase your chances of seeing a collector willing to buy your work.

How to Create NFTs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now let's get into creating NFTs using examples from two NFT platforms-- OpenSea and AirNFTs. 

  1. OpenSea

What better platform to create than the largest NFT marketplace on the blockchain. OpenSea contains millions of digital artworks and collectibles from numerous NFT platforms on the Ethereum blockchain-- 


  • Go to the website

  • Go to Accounts and connect your account. The easiest way to do this is to link your MetaMask or Trust Wallet using Wallet connect. 

  • After connecting your wallet, go to Account settings > General to set up your username, profile picture, description, and input your email address. Details of any transaction you carry out will be sent to your email. 

  • After setting up your account, go to Create. 

  • Upload the file, acceptable formats are listed there and the maximum size is 40MB.

  • Fill in every necessary box and click on create. (Make sure to have some ETH in your wallet for gas fees)

2. AirNFTs

AirNFTs, like OpenSea, allows you to mint several kinds of NFTs— paintings, memes, video clips, photographs, screenshots, etc.,  as long as they are uploadable in GIF, JPEG, PNG, MP4 formats. 


  • Go to the website

  • Connect your wallet using wallet connect; you'll know this is successful when your wallet address and BNB balance reflect on the site. 

  • Edit your profile and link your socials. 

  • Click the Create tab. 

  • Upload your file; max size is 8MB

  • Fill in the description box, set the price and click Approve.

Remember to keep some BNB (usually less than $1) in your wallet for gas fees. 

And that's it! Creating NFTs doesn't get easier than that!

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