We all have that one crazy uncle who says "investing is the same as casino gambling." Well, it's time to take that notion and throw it right out the window because it's simply not true. It's opinions like this that are holding people back from true, rewards and smart investment strategies. So stop thinking casino gambling and the stock market are the same because that's a lie. Instead, listen to this solid financial advice. 


For all of you that don't know the ins and outs of casino gambling, this segment is for you. When you sit down at the blackjack table, no amount of financial advice or research will help you. In a casino, the "house" has the mathematical advantage over the gambler. It's designed in a way so the gambler will lose in the long run. Sure, you may hit it big from time to time. However, if you were to look at the long-term value of a "gambling stock" then you'd most certainly see a downward trend. 

Hence, gambling, in general, is just a bad idea. No matter what, the gambler loses. Sometimes luck helps but overall, you're better off spending money on a solid investment strategy like the one you're about to hear next. 


In casino gambling, you don't own anything. However, if you invest in a stock, bond or cryptocurrency, you own shares/tokens of the company in which you invest. Hence, if that company is profitable and starts to issue dividends, then you start to benefit from that financially. Furthermore, if the price of the stock goes up, then you can sell it for a profit. Sure, the stock market goes up and down over the years but the general trend is in a positive, upward direction.

There are varying levels of financial advice on what investment strategy is best but if you want to keep it simple, just invest in a high-rated corporate/government bond. Over time, you'll see a profit and that's essentially guaranteed with minimal risk.


If you want to keep it safe, investing in markets like real estate and having a diversified portfolio ensures a smooth, profitable investment strategy. However, maybe there are a few investors out there who want the rush of gambling without the mathematical disadvantage. If that sounds interesting, then perhaps cryptocurrency investing is for you. Crypto investing combines the best of hardcore investment research with the buzz of a little luck. 

Investors are rewarded for doing their homework on successful projects like BestRate, Nauticus, and Ripple at their earliest stages of success when tokens were cheap. Later on, when the company rises in value, investors can sell those tokens for a profit or trade them for any number of successful cryptos on the market. Of course, the crypto market is still new and as a result, extremely volatile. Hence, it can be quite a gamble if a startup fails. Ultimately, it's up to you. Research which project has the most potential and make informed decisions based on that logic. Good luck!