Crypto HODL

We all know that the crypto market has been in a slump. Many of the crypto investors who put money into crypto have seen the worth of their crypto rise, and fall… and fall. However, there are those who still want to recuperate their losses and have hope for a crypto bull market. The term to hold onto one’s crypto, out of hope that it will rise later and can be sold for a higher price, is to “HODL.” (The term came from a Bitcointalk post, here)

Because many of these crypto investors may need fiat at some point to pay for daily needs, they can either choose to sell their crypto or HODL and use their crypto as collateral for a fiat loan. After the end of the loan agreement, the HODL-ers can recuperate their crypto.  

YouToken Loan Service

YouToken has recently come up with a crypto loan service platform. The platform allows crypto HODLers to enter into an agreement to use their crypto as collateral for a fiat loan.

The terms are pre-agreed and selected by the crypto HODLer, out of a selection of terms that are offered by YouToken. Currently, the loan-to-value ratio goes up to 80%, depending on the loan terms.

Fast and Efficient Process

The process for obtaining the fiat is fast and efficient. All one needs to do is enter their profile information, await profile confirmation, deposit one of several cryptos, and select the loan agreement terms.

After the agreement terms are selected, the process through which the user gets a fiat loan is automatic and executed by smart contract. YouToken will charge a fee for this service.

YouToken’s Team

YouToken’s team is composed of professionals and experienced blockchain experts. The team has decades of combined experience in fintech. The founder, Ilya Volkov, has 20+ years of experience in fintech. 

Check out the YouToken Loan service by visiting the website,