IndieGoGo is an IndieNoNo: How BioRing Scammed Us All
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IndieGoGo is an IndieNoNo: How BioRing Scammed Us All

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This is the story of BioRing on IndieGoGo, the groundbreaking fitness ring that ensured you were getting scammed.

BioRing on IndieGoGo

Are you interested in high-tech startups? Check out how great this is! BioRing! This is a fitness tracker that is designed as a ring! You put it on your finger and it will track your pulse. It also monitors a number of calories you consume. It also tells you how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates you have consumed.

How BioRing Works

How does this work? It is very high-tech...The technology is not revealed – or they are sure to steal it. You can donate money at Indiegogo. Only 219 dollars. And only 35 more for an extended warranty. Such a thing! All serious websites have written about it. You have to take it!

Scam on IndieGoGo

Even though engineers and technologists, seeing BioRing renderings, burst out laughing and recommend watching less science fiction. Who is listening to them? They oppose progress!Retrograde bores from the last century.BioRing startup had collected more than 750 thousand dollars, and then its designers simply disappeared, having jilted both customers and advertising agencies, to which they had promised 25% of profit for placing advertisements.And the development of a “unique fitness-tracker” had not even been in progress.And while people believe famous startups with a pretty rendering, alas, it will continue the same way.That will be 219 dollars and 36 more for the warranty.

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Published on
13 November 2017