Another day, another crypto. Here’s how you can buy and exchange Dogecoin in as few clicks as possible.

Get some Dogecoin!

We just discussed the importance of having smaller value coins like Dogecoin for online transactions and the safety of knowing that, for the last few years, its value has held relatively steady and importantly low. You’re probably convinced that you need to get some in your crypto wallet, because why wouldn’t you? Here is how!

How to buy Dogecoin?

Buying it is actually a bit of a pain and easy at the same time. There is a huge volume of Dogecoin in existence, and this means that there should be plenty to go about, but not quite. First, you will need a crypto wallet, so be sure to have one or see our other articles on how to do this. also has everything you need to know about getting a wallet that supports Dogecoin. Once you have your wallet, you can follow three different ways.

  1. Dogecoin Faucets will yield between 1-5 dogecoins by completing a captcha. (This is a complete waste of time, as 5 dogecoins aren’t worth the energy of even blinking your eyelids).
  2. Purchase them from using PayPal and pay in real-world currency.
  3. Use the coin exchanges and swap your existing token and coins for Dogecoins.

Where can I buy it?

The best exchanges are Coinbase and is particularly useful, as Dogecoin is a bulk buy currency to attain any real value. So, with their higher buying limits really come in handy here. Once you have your coin, go shopping and enjoy them. You have freed up your transactional speeds compared to Bitcoin, or if you want to play the long game, store them for a rainy day and hope that they increase in value as mining slows down. Don't forget to seek out professional advice if you're even slightly unsure of what to do with your money.

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