Do you love Bitcoin? Would you be willing to sell your house, car, valuable belongings, and soul to invest in it? This guy was. He’s now camping in a tent in the Netherlands, and he’s never been happier.

Man Sold His Life and Soul for Bitcoin: Who is this fool?

His name is Didi Taihuttu (real name), and “fool” is a bit strong. He’s certainly a brave man with a very supportive family. Didi lives in the Netherlands, but he recently spent nine months traveling through Australasia with his wife and kids. He met many optimistic investors and Bitcoin enthusiasts along the way.

He’s come back to the Netherlands with a nice tan and a crazy idea — sell his soul and everything he owns, and wait for Bitcoin to really skyrocket.

Man Sold His Life and Soul for Bitcoin: Is Bitcoin worth it?

Didi is predicting that within the next five years, we will see a major change in the way we deal with money. He sees the fall of banks and the rise of cryptocurrencies.

You can’t argue that cryptocurrencies aren't successful. Right this second, there are people across the world who are regretting not buying into them earlier and making a mint from the rising prices.

But is Bitcoin worth this crazy soul-selling stunt? Sure, many market experts are predicting it will continue to rise in price over the next few years, but the fall of banks? That big a change is unlikely to happen instantly.

Man Sold His Life and Soul for Bitcoin: How to sell your soul (and enjoy it)

If, like Didi, you’re ready to get radical with your BTC investments, here’s how to do it. First, get your soul ready to be sold. Work out how far you want to go with this. Are you going to sell the house and car or just invest some of your inheritance? Next, put your money where your mouth is. Didi sold his house and soul in exchange for around 85 BTC, but can you top that? Then, all that’s left is to put up the tent and wait patiently. Shouldn’t be too long now…

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