Yes, you read that right. Now, you are probably running through in your mind all the possible ways that would be able to happen. Maybe you think that there is some kind of cheap trick employed here whereby it was originally a person born as a female who has retained their female reproductive organs. Well, you would be wrong. Mindblown? Here are three reasons why men will be able to get pregnant very soon.

Advanced Surgery Makes It Possible for Men to Be Pregnant

Advanced medical procedures have paved the way for womb transplantation, meaning that success rates will be higher, allowing those born with male sex organs to fully transition to females with fully functional reproductive organs. Experts in the US are so confident that this is possible that they are saying the procedures could be readily available tomorrow for men to get pregnant.

Greater Care to Help Men Get Pregnant

Furthermore, getting pregnant is not the only challenge with a man carrying a child. For example, a woman’s hips and pelvic structure can easily pass a child during birth. A man’s pelvis, however, is unlikely to withstand being pregnant. Medical advances in care also mean that this would be much safer for men now than even a year ago.

Social Acceptance for Men

Another barrier would be the social perceptions of a transgender woman carrying a child. With LGBT causes and awareness being at an all-time high and with mass legislative acceptance, it is probably not until now that such a feat would be considered acceptable. We accept pregnant men with open arms. The world of medical science is always pushing boundaries and working out ways to facilitate our greatest desires. What do you think of this latest medical development? Exciting or too weird for words? We think it is really, really interesting that science is constantly challenging our perceptions of what is and isn’t possible. Can a man get pregnant