Could aliens exist on Jupiter? Are there aliens on Jupiter? If anyone can tell us, it's NASA. With their current probe scheduled to fly by another four times, scientists hope to answer many questions about the mysterious gas giant.

NASA Found Aliens on Jupiter? Are There Aliens on Jupiter?

NASA and Aliens on Jupiter: NASA Juno Probe

Juno, the space probe that will crash-land on Jupiter, has been flying since August 2011. It’s now nearing the end of 2017, and Juno is still making fly-bys of the planet and sending back data. However, it's not long before its inevitable crash some time in 2018. So far, the NASA probe has flown by Jupiter eight times, sending back large amounts of data for scientists to analyze. There has been nothing about aliens on the planet yet, unfortunately. What’s really amazing about this probe is that it’s running on solar energy from such a distance from the sun. It’s sending back some stunning photos and answering some very important questions scientists have about the planet.

NASA and Aliens on Jupiter: What We Know So Far

Jupiter, if you weren’t already aware, is the big one with the rings. It’s our solar system's largest planet and is the fifth closest to the sun. NASA sent Juno out to solve mysteries, such as, "How is the weather system staying so constant? What forms the planet? How much water is in the atmosphere?" Not all of those questions have been answered and no aliens have been found yet, but NASA has discovered some pretty cool things regardless. Juno discovered that the bands around the planet extend deep into the atmosphere rather than hovering around it. NASA has also discovered that there are gigantic cyclones at the poles, besides the huge red storm.

NASA and Aliens on Jupiter: Could There Be Aliens?

It was the Galileo probe that flew by Jupiter in the 90s that discovered that the planet potentially has massive saltwater lakes beneath the surface. Could aliens exist on Jupiter? If so, they’re not showing themselves to our probes. The planet itself is mostly gas and liquid. If there are aliens on (or in) Jupiter, they're far beyond our reach… for now.