Long gone are the days when Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency in town. Enter Dash, a new(ish) currency and one worth learning about.

Dash vs. Bitcoin: The Problems with Bitcoin

Bitcoin might be the grandfather of all cryptocurrencies, but that doesn’t mean it’s without fault. It has quite a few faults, actually.

First, we need to address the fundamentals of Bitcoin, the governance system, and the people behind the currency — or lack thereof. There isn't really a stable governing body or system that controls how the currency works. Instead, investors and organizations with different motives control how the currency works. You can imagine the arguments. This isn’t what you want for a stable currency.

Bitcoin also has some performance issues, taking anywhere between ten minutes to several hours to put a transaction through. Fees can be pretty shocking for small transactions as well, although you can’t deny that for large transactions, the fees are a dream.

What Does Dash Have to Offer?

Dash is newer, but by no means is it a start-up. It also offers some very attractive features that Bitcoin doesn’t even have plans to offer.

We really love the privacy features of the aforementioned coin (non-existent with Bitcoin), which allow you to make completely private transactions that can’t be traced back to you. Even better is the fact that PrivateSend is completely optional.

Dash is also much quicker than Bitcoin, which makes sense given the name. You’ll also find that it is a lot more stable when it comes to governance. Dash isn’t the most popular cryptocurrency, but it’s certainly not bad.

Should I Invest in Dash?

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