Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the fantastic GameStop rental service!

GameStop Rental Service: 6-month cycles

It works in bi-annual cycles, meaning that your upfront payment is smaller, and if it is not for you then you're not shelling out for a full year. GameStop provides their loyal customers with a rental scheme that's flexible and easy on their budgets.

GameStop Rental Service: Low-cost

Yes, it is low-cost when you think about it. It costs $60 every 6 months. That is $10 a month, with no limit to the number of games you can rent from GS during that time period.

GameStop Rental Service: No limits with GS

You read that right. You can only have one game out at a time, but if you are like us and you like to complete games in a few days, then you can return that game and get another game out. We worked out that even on a week-long completion cycle, that is 26 titles from GS.

GameStop Rental Service: You get to keep one!

We are already sold on the low cost no limits benefits, but this one seals the deal. At the end of every 6 months, you can keep one of the titles from your rentals. Perhaps you enjoyed the online multiplayer game of one of the titles you rented? That’s fine, it’s yours!

GameStop Rental Service: No more disappointment on release day

We have all been there - we waited months, spent $50+ on a game, and it has not lived up to expectation. With the GameStop rental scheme, you are able to avoid this altogether and you know that you can hand it back without having to worry about how much you will get on a trade-in.

We love the GS rental program, and we think you will too. It is like Amazon or Netflix for gamers, but it has the extra incentive of a game-for-keeps every 6 months. Given that only one or two games stand out each year on any given console, this makes perfect sense to us.