Deciding that you’re going to buy into a cryptocurrency is a big decision. So, you’ve chosen Nxt? Great! Now you just need to find out where to buy it and how to get started. We're here to help.

What is Nxt?

This is the cryptocurrency you’ll need to start investing in the Nxt platform. This multi-functional Blockchain-based platform allows you to exchange assets peer to peer, among many other uses. According to the official website, the current value of 1 NXT is $0.391321. Of course, depending on where you buy it, you might find the rate to be a bit different. On LiteBit, for example, 1 NXT is worth €0.343522, which works out to approximately $0.41.

The best places to buy Nxt

There's a handy list of website links on their official website, leading you to places you can buy from. Compared to Bitcoin, it's very cheap… but then, so are most new(ish) cryptocurrencies. As always, you should weigh up finding the best rate with the trustworthiness of the place you’re buying from. Besides the previously mentioned LiteBit, some of the trusted crypto companies to buy from include Bittrex and Changelly.

What to do with your Nxt

You could save up in your wallet. Just look at how much Bitcoin has taken off since the beginning. Don’t we all wish we’d got hold of some Bitcoin earlier and saved it? Whether Nxt will take off the same way is not yet clear. There are now so many cryptos trying to make it as big as Bitcoin. You can also trade with others on the platform, so there really is a huge amount of different ventures you could try with your new currency. Also, don’t forget one of the most attractive features: it allows you to build your own cryptocurrency and use all kinds of tokens to trade with. A token can represent pretty much anything. NxtCoin is a great platform for you to get started on!

Prices and exchange rates are accurate as of December 6, 2017.