The transaction speed problems continue to grow for Bitcoin. Far from the smooth and fast currency that you would expect from the world's largest cryptocurrency, it is slow and sluggish. Even when transactions are completed, Bitcoin owners are often left underwhelmed by the whole situation.

What is IOTA?

Cue a growing interest in IOTA. What is it, and should you invest in it? IOTA is a cryptocurrency still in its early stages that aims to speed up transaction speeds for its users and bring a wave of other cool features to the crypto table. For example, you’re able to process transactions as low as $0.001, something that even real-world currencies and networks such as Visa and PayPal aren’t able or are unwilling to do. Also, IOTA transactions are currently free, which is bringing in a lot of additional interest.

Should I Invest in IOTA (MIOTA)?

So, the key question is, should you invest in it? Well, if you have Bitcoin, you are currently sitting on a commodity that is expensive and difficult to mine. You also have in your virtual wallet a coin that is tedious to spend and use. This leaves the option of changing it out for another currency for ease of spending. Then, it really falls down to which one you choose. Currently, Dash is hugely popular, and MIOTA also does well.

IOTA vs. Bitcoin: Should I Ditch Bitcoin?

The risk of jumping over to IOTA is that while Bitcoin is relatively stable and worth a lot, other cryptocurrencies don’t enjoy the stability. Exchanging in this manner is only done by individuals who are looking to spend the entire Bitcoin value.

IOTA is one to watch, and by joining the free (for this month), you will get a kickstart with all of your cryptocurrency needs. It's great for amateurs and professionals alike, and will give you the valuable knowledge to survive in the cryptocurrency world without boring you to tears with jargon.