It’s a chilling headline, isn’t it? Tesla has recently shown a design for a fully self-driving truck that runs on electricity and can do 0-60 MPH in five seconds. Of course, these are bold claims from Tesla, a company that recently was unable to meet production targets on its Model 3. But, if history tells us anything, Tesla is here to stay.

ISIS Vehicle Attacks

With the rise of trucks being used in ISIS terrorist attacks, a huge issue with self-driving vehicles is just how safe they are if that tech falls into the wrong hands. On a really benign level, ISIS could hack the network and bring the whole haulage structure to a stop, causing huge economic problems. On a really violent level, these Tesla self-driving trucks could be hijacked and used to electronically commit acts of atrocity by ISIS followers.

Are Self-Driving Cars Ever Safe?

No one has answers to the important questions yet. Is self-driving safe regardless of ISIS? Will electricity grids produce enough electricity in a manner that is environmentally friendly? Are we going to just burn more fossil fuels? There is a huge suspicion among skeptics that this is all an out-of-sight, out-of-mind ploy. They suggest that this new tech will actually be as damaging to the environment as fossil fuels, if not more so. Regardless of the practical uses, the questions of security still need an answer. We also need robust safety measures to prevent ISIS terrorism and other malfunctions causing chaos.

Tesla is Keeping Quiet

Tesla, as always, is very vague on where they get their figures from. For the most part, it all seems a little theoretical at the moment. Self-driving cars are still a thing of the future.

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