Is PIVX just another coin in a sea of cryptos that will never live up the high standards Bitcoin has set, or can we expect great things? Find out all you need to know here.

What is PIVX?

It simply stands for Private Instant Verified Transaction… which is pretty self-explanatory. This decentralized, open-source crypto was created in October 2017. Yes, you read that right. PIVX began only a few months ago, but we already feel confident enough to compare it to Bitcoin in terms of investment. It doesn’t have a cap on the coin supply like BTC and many other cryptos have. By limiting supply and staggering the release of the coin, you drive up the value, as there are fewer and fewer coins to go around. This won’t happen with PIVX, as there’s no limit. However, that alone doesn’t mean the value of the coins won’t go up anyway, especially considering the great features it offers.

PIVX vs Bitcoin: Is it better than BTC?

A lot of cryptos are divided, including Bitcoin. They tend to either favor transparency or complete anonymity. However, the PIVX developers have decided to skip that battle altogether. When you start, you can choose between transparency and privacy. This is pretty cool. For further security, you’ll find that it supports I2P networks, while Bitcoin just doesn’t. Other features that it has that Bitcoin doesn’t include premine, masternodes, instant send, private send, and encrypted wallets.

PIVX vs Bitcoin: Which should I invest in?

Although PIVX is off to an incredibly positive start, we’d recommend waiting a little while before going all in with this new crypto. You just never know what could happen. For now, Bitcoin remains the crypto investment of choice despite having very poor features in comparison.

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