This world is full of talented people. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the unique individuals and their unusual business ideas.

1. A weeding robot

A solar-powered weeding robot was created by the Franklin Robotics team and spearheaded by roboticist Joe Jones. They had previously invented the Roomba, an autonomous vacuum cleaner, and have now created an automated robot for weeding gardens. Tertill does not look like much. It reminds us of either a turtle (it got his name from this animal) or a sophisticated reptile on wheels. Tertill is an avid worker. It can function tirelessly in any weather condition; gardeners will appreciate this small worker's grit. A weeding robot

2. The Broken Washtubs Club

The broken washtubs club asks people to avoid throwing away their old dripping pans or washtubs and instead give them to the handyman. The company focuses on tuning old household vessels with the slogan, We will turn your washtub into a Bentley. The founders of the club are two creatives who began their business by adding wheels to an old galvanized steel washtub once.

3. A Watch from Your Pet’s Fur

Analog Watch Co. studios in Philadelphia have been long-time producers of watches with natural motifs. Now they have added a new twist to their business – The Companion Collection. This project allows pet owners to become closer to their furry friends in a simple way. Owners collect 2-4 oz of their pet’s fur in a sealed bag and mail it to Analog Watch Co. In return, they will receive a unique accessory – a watch made from their pet’s fur.

4. A Robot that Writes Poems in the Sand

Poet on the shore is a robot created by the multidisciplinary designer Yuxi Liu as a part of her Edinburgh University masters project. Poet on the shore is an AI-based autonomous machine which roams by itself on shores, writing romantic poems. This makes for a nice surprise for kids and loving couples walking the sandy beaches. 7. Robot Poet

5. Doggles for doggies

Steve Jobs once said that people do not know what they want until you show them what they want. These words really fit the description for Roni Di Lullo’s business which makes sunglasses for dogs. Take a look at this fashionable item for your pet in our video. Doggles for doggies