Gatehub is both a digital wallet and a Ripple gateway for financial companies around the world. What does all of this mean? How does it all work? If those are the types of questions you want the answers to, then you've come to the right place.


As just stated, Gatehub has two main functions. The first is gateway-as-a-service. This serves as a Ripple gateway for financial institutions who don't want to worry about the technology behind it. By using this, institutions will have all their hosting managed, easy integration with their current software, and detailed analytics. Furthermore, the service comes with ID management, advanced security, and risk management. The last part is really interesting, as it helps to minimize (or even eliminate) counterparty risks and identify suspicious activity. Now that we know what this service does on a larger scale, let's see how it functions for the everyday person.


The Gatehub wallet is essentially their gateway service on an individual level. With the wallet feature, you can safely store and monitor your money with their clean and easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, you'll get a nice view of your assets, all organized on one neat page. See which assets are growing or shrinking in value right from your computer or phone. For the people who hate doing the math, this feature is particularly awesome since the net worth is all calculated for you in real time.


This wallet isn't just for storage. Unlike other wallets, this one makes it incredibly easy to send money. All you have to do is type in the receiver's name, email, or Ripple address. After that, payments are sent instantly through the Ripple network and can then be automatically exchanged for a currency of your choice. All of this is instant and done at the cheapest rate. For the traders out there, trading currencies and cryptocurrencies on the Ripple network has never been easier than with this platform. Complete market data is available at your disposal. Lastly, signing up is easier than creating an email account. See? Doesn't it feel good when you stay up to date with all the latest technological trends? If you don't want to miss a beat, head on over to YouToken to accelerate your knowledge.