We know, that sounds slightly out of the left field. However, it's a pretty amazing project. Will Smith (yes, the Fresh Prince) invests in a project called BioBeats. Here is what we know about the app that's creating waves.

Will Smith Invested in Health - Mental Health

Actor Will Smith transitioned into one of those celebrities with a consistently good physique after the biopic, Ali. In short, while the actor was always in great shape, Smith started utilizing more functional training methods, including meditation. His interest and investment into the BioBeats project aren't too surprising if you really think about it. This is the age where your personal assistant/calendar lives on your phone. Why not a medically-inclined virtual stress ball? Will Smith is on the right track.

Will Smith and BioBeats

What is BioBeats? Music and sound have adequately shown their effect on one's mood, time and again. Add in meditation / soothing techniques and what do you get? BioBeats.

Fun fact: Will Smith is an ardent supporter of meditation. He credits it as one of the keys to his success.

BioBeats mixes calming techniques with soothing sounds. The app focuses on your stress levels and it centers you at the touch of a button. It is a personal therapist in your pocket. It is a first responder that prioritizes your health.

Updates via a health app aren't exactly new, so what makes BioBeats different? The app measures biometric data and reacts accordingly using calming music or sound. Silent heart attacks and similar life-threatening conditions might be a thing of the past. With this app, the "doctor" is always in.

Will Smith Equals Philanthropist

Investors will undoubtedly be pleased with the results gained thus far. The digital age demands a level of convenience, functionality, and speed. Furthermore, life seems now defined by the number of seconds it takes to get things done. Mental health should be a top priority. Isn't it time to take some responsibility?

Smith's contribution and star power drew other like-minded investors towards this much-needed project. Call him a philanthropist or not, this app can change the way we deal with handling stress. 

In short, BioBeats summarized it perfectly: "Don't let stress blur you out." All things considered, the BioBeats project is a great project to watch.