Why is the Legend of Zelda so Popular Among GameStop Fans?
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Why is the Legend of Zelda so Popular Among GameStop Fans?

Since the creation of the Legend of Zelda, it has been a game that has had almost the staying power as other Nintendo greats, like Mario. Unlike Mario however, the games have become more and more popular as time goes by. The Legend of Zelda series now receives godlike respect from GameStop fans all over the world. These games are placed on a pinnacle by which all other releases are measured by.

Why is the Legend of Zelda so Popular: GameStop Fans Love It

GameStop fans are often the diehard fans that are very critical of the games on release day. Yet with each Zelda release, there is anticipation, salivation, and the certainty among gamers that it will become another classic.

It seems that even among GameStop fans, the Legend of Zelda games is without fault. And we think we know why. 

Why is the Legend of Zelda so Popular: It Stood the Test of Time?

Well, it is all-encompassing. No matter how they package it up, whether using top-down views or cel-shaded graphics, it still has a very broad playing spectrum. It draws on puzzle-/clue-finding as well as action, roleplay, adventure, and battle genres. No wonder that GameStop fans love it. The worlds are expansive, and no matter how many hours (or years) you spend exploring them, there is always the lingering doubt that you're missing something.

Why is the Legend of Zelda so Popular: A Step Up from Mario

Then there is the story that is so far removed from a plumber jumping down pipes that you would be surprised they are both Nintendo. Except - when you think about it - they are not actually all that different. Like Mario, Link is always on a noble and admirable quest to help/save a princess. More often than not, a dark force alters the world that Link lives in and is causing all the trouble. And like Mario, Link relies heavily on those around him to complete his journey. This love-conquers-all narrative is a cornerstone to Zelda’s success as well as Nintendo's success.

We are certain that the cult following will continue. The Legend of Zelda is a golden achievement in the video game arena. GameStop fans know this all too well!